Balinese Wellness Treatments- your key to inner healing

Bali, the beautiful island of Gods, is one of the most stunning provinces in Indonesia. Home to wellness remedies and techniques that have been honed over centuries, Bali attracts visitors from all over the world who come here to heal.  

When in Bali, you can explore its history, go deep-sea diving with friends or try one or more of the many Balinese wellness treatments. Balinese spas are where you will find some very peculiar treatments that can work wonders for your mind and body. 

1. Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy is a sea water therapy. Its name has Greek origins, Thalassa meaning sea. When you make a booking for this therapy, you will find yourself in a pool with seawater and hydrotherapy jets. The warm and rich mineral water will be used to massage, tone and soothe your tired muscles. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy affusion sprinklers that will further relax your mind and body. 

At some Thalassotherapy spas, you will find seawater replaced by spring water with added minerals to top up the benefits. At some Thalassotherapy spas in Bali, you will also find dead weed and seaweed spa treatments, along with fitness facilities. A Thalassotherapy spa is great for soothing joint aches and conditions like arthritis. It is also good for combating cellulite. 

2. Water Healing

Water healing is a unique hydrotherapy that relaxes the mind and unwinds the body. In this therapy, a professional helps you let go and float on the water while helping you with graceful stretches and luxurious water-assisted massage. This is a healing therapy that releases tightly held emotions along with relieving the achy joints. According to experts, floating on the water takes back our mind to the profoundly relaxing and nurturing conditions of the womb. 

3. Zen Bamboo Massage

In this massage, bamboo sticks are used to apply pressure to key points of the body. The bamboo sticks are heated to a perfect temperature and the therapist uses its flexibility and strength to make rhythmic strokes on the body. This is combined with stretching and rolling of the heated bamboo with the right pressure. Zen bamboo massage is ideal for lymphatic drainage and relaxation.

4. Hammam Spa

A hammam spa offers the experience of the middle east in Bali. Traditionally, hammams were public baths but with the spa culture, they have been converted to a private and luxurious experience. 

In a hammam spa, you will get to relax and unwind in a warm room. The next step will be head-to-toe exfoliation and soaping. After the cleansing step, you will be asked to take a dip in a pool of cold water. At last, you will be treated to a luxurious massage and sent to a cooling room.

The use hot and cold temperatures in a hammam makes it cleansing and therapeutic. Your hammam experience may vary from spa to spa.

5. Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurvedic spas practice Ayurveda, the oldest known health practice in the world. Hailing from India, this spa offers unique holistic treatments that are aimed at boosting immunity, preventing diseases and promoting overall well-being. An ayurvedic spa in Bali may offer you a combination of unique oil massages, yoga sessions and meditation session. After attending an ayurvedic spa, you are sure to get a new glow on your skin and a calm mind. 


When it comes to a relaxing vacation, Bali is one of the best in the world. Next time you want to run away to the jungles, run towards Bali and while you are there, book yourself a few spa sessions. SOTC could be your friend that makes the process easy. Coming back to the concrete jungle will get somewhat easy. 

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