Nepal(Kathmandu) – Country tucked in the Himalayas *|)@y 4


Dissapointed with the dusty atmosphere in Nagarkot, it was time to do some sightseeing in and around kathmandu. As we were crossing over our budget , we decided to use the local transport, but we were also short on time, alas we had to invoulatarily book a plane ohh by that I meant the taxi. Post negotiation we got the cab in NPR 4000 that included 3 places of interest (mentioned below) and to Thamel (total about 40km of run)

Durbar Square (Bhaktapur)- is the city centre , where, once during the time of The royal family, all major occasions were celebrated. Post the earthquake it is now more of a dry delicate leaf with cracks which need to be taken extreme care of, else it will wether off. But it’s a sight to witness. There is an enterance fee of 500 Nepali rupaiya for SAARC countries, the nationals of exclusive countries have a higher amount to pay.


Pashupatinath temple- the mystic moment which I can never forget, was the sight I got when I was standing at the enterance of the main temple of Pashupatinath. The huge idol of  “Nandi” the holy bull. And the majestic structure of the temple, even after the earthquake every single brick was intact. That’s the power of “Lord Shiva”.


The Bodnath (stupa)is located in the heart of the capital.  A religious place for the people following Buddhism. The earthquake  took a troll on the Stupa,  destroying the mantle on the top of the Stupa. Every part to this mantle has a specific  name and has great significance. Around the Stupa is an arrey of tibetan and International restaurants and cafes, along with the luring souvenir shops.


Tired and hungry we hogged on Nepali thali at a restaurant and headed towards Thamel. Not wanting to spend much time in searching for a new hotel, we went back to the hotel,  where we stayed at the day 1.

Thamel goes over three different phases through out the day.

# Morning till afternoon – I guess everyone is asleep.

# Afternoon till evening – a complete tourist spot for travelers to shop, read books at a nice cafe sipping in coffee and dunking a doughnut.

# Night- every night is a Friday night there. People storming into superstores to grab some beer and munchies. You have fab clubs, very lively crowd and not to forget very strict police.

This area is like a small world inside the city. A perfect place to cut down your depression of an ending trip.


Finaly wrapping up the Nepal trip by posting the last blog.  Do comment if you liked the series of blog, and feedbacks are always welcome..:)


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