Tourist in my own city


What a start of a Saturday.. Got up at 5:30am, no cabs available,  had to go to the New delhi railway station to board a train to Saharanpur (my grandparents place)at 6:45 am which I booked in tatkal ,none of the auto drives interstate, finally took a metro till qutab minar, hired an auto, paid him double to convert hus auto in a jet plane and make me reach the station in 15 min, on the station ran like a dog, panting, my calf muscles shaking and I see the train leaving. So many efforts made and all in vain.

“Jab we met” part 2

But why to get disappointed, I decided to explore Delhi which I would have never done if it was a usual weekend.

Had a sumptuous breakfast in Paharganj.

Observed the foreign tourist, overheard there experience throughout their travel in India

Roamed the narrow lanes, looking at the old structures.

Got the ” Basil plant” for which I was looking for long.

Walked towards the metro station which was one km away.

Fought with the Metro Security for not allowing me inside with the plant.

This was just the starting of the day, let’s c what this weekend brings for me….



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