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At 5 in the morning we were all set to go to our bus station to board the bus. On reaching we saw a que of buses lined up from different agents and a mob of foreign guests waiting to get in. What a great site, people drinking ‘chai’ , some buying fruits for the way, vendor selling oreos , bacpackers with all the hiking gears crossing the roads.

Finaly we got our seats and we were on our way. Soon I realised, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Though it was a deluxe bus , I guess we were sitting on the seats right on the wheels, and all the way I was cursing the nepal roads.( however the roads were 20% to be blamed)

I was super hungry , coz I had woken up early, I fell asleep. And as soon as I went to the deep dreamy sleep, here comes our bus to a hault, it’s breakfast time!!

This small restaurant was packed with tourists, after going through the price list and the menu, I finally ordered a cheese sandwhich priced at NPR 350. Hoping it to be atleast a subway sort sandwhich for the price, but to my horror, it was two brown bread with one slice of cheese in between and toasted). I just wanted to take it as a sovenier from nepal😂

I sweared not to eat anything till we reach pokhara. And we were there, at the bus stop, not knowing where to stay, but the agents there made it is easy for us. He also offered us a complimentary ride in a taxi till the hotel.  The “Godpigeon” hotel was newly constructed. We secured a family room on the 4th floor with a balcony only in NPR 800. The hotel is not overlooking the lake as it is not on the mainstreet, but a good option for backpackers.

View from the hotel’s balcony

This place is a haven for foodies. Combination of beautiful cafe and homely shacks. So along the lake is the road and along the road is the main street.

This hotel took my heart away (it felt like italy)

The restaurants that we tried and they were mindblowing.

The concerto cafe: a pretty looking , cafe with not very exorbitant prices. Must have is there caramel mochachino.

The Nepali kitchen: wandering on the streets, wanting to eat Nepali local delicacies, brought us here. A shady enterance but the food served is delectable. The seating is also decent. Must try is the unlimited Nepali thali.

The  there are multiple chinese and tibetan cuisine restaurants. We had our lunch in one of them. The mom was cooking food for us and we had great time with her kids (adorable little ruby).

We spent only 18 hrs in pokhara out of which 7 hrs we slept. So in whatever little time we had, we managed to cover the attractions.

The Stupa


The Pokhara lake



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