Kashmir – day 2 at Pahalgam

The journey continues and we were at pahalgam,  a hill station 60 km away from srinagar very popular even amongst the  Srinagar  residents for a weekend  getaway. It is pleasant during May to October and it snows heavily during winters.


We stayed at the hotel Baisaran . Clean rooms with all basic amenities, staff is efficient.
Pahalgaun hotel is a good option for people with higher room budget.
* only 1 night and1 day stay is recommend, more than this might turn out to be monotonous as it became for us.


Hire a local taxi, they would take you around  to the below places, you just need to sit back and enjoy the drive:
Chandarvadi – the gateway to Amaranth yatra.
Betab valley- the valley named after the bollywood betab movie.
Aru valley- know for its infinite greenery and it is also the starting point for multiple treks.

*please note there is union for taxi, so have to take a local taxi which has fixed rates.

Baisaran valley is another attraction but can only be accessed by a pony (charges are INR 800 per pony) or by foot (recommended as it is free of cost and also keeps you fit) *5 km trek

There are 6-7 good restaurants in the market namely Danapani and Nathu Rasoi. Every hotel has a restaurant  serving basic food. People not looking for lavish ambience but ecnomical, homemade delicious food should definitely try valley foodpoint. Corteous staff, homegrown  vegetables and economic.


*There is a small market, so avoid shopping. Only apt to buy groceries and confectionary.

To be Continued…….


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