Trio in Old manali


The wander lust had reached the verge that it had to be satisfied, so we blocked weekend having 3 nights and 2 days in our hand. We three girls decided to relax in the mountains and all of us had been to Manali but not to Rohtang. That is when we booked a package. We made sure that our hotel was in Old Manali as it less commercialized, got cafes where in you can see vivid culture and to the most you are out of the city like hustle bustle.

We boarded our volvo at 8:30PM, reached the Manli bus stand at 10:30pm. A chauffeur was waiting in  a BMW….. ohhh by that I meant Big Maruti Wagonar. Our hotel was located further Old Manali amidst the apple orchards. The USP of the hotel was it had rooms on the name of Bollywood filmstars, so we three young ladies were given Mr. Bachan’s themed room.


  view from our room

After a while we head towards the usual sightseeing places, Hidimba devi temple,hot water spring, mall road and we also ate the local dish called ‘Siddu’ , steamed  bread with a stuffing of veggies and walnuts served with the dimsum sauce. Delicious is the word for them. We bought the local fruit wine, which we consumed the very night.

Next day was a hectic schedule for us as we had to go to Rohtang pass as well be back on time to board our return bus. So took a taxi to the ‘Attraction’ of the trip. Located at a height of 13000 Ft above sea level. Stopped in between to have Aloo Paratha with hot tea (nothing like it).

We were made to wear the Alien looking snow jumper suites before we make ourselves freeze to death. It was difficult to breath as we were on relay high altitude. We had to walk at least a Kilometer to reach the Snow patch.


Rohtang Pass

There it was like a “small ice skating ring in a metro city on a Sunday.” But I managed to get a seat in one of the shacks, priced like a 3 star hotel (a Maggie selling at Rs 100). We clicked a lot of pictures and were good to go back home.

We reached back to Delhi at 6 in the morning on a Monday and what do you think was next, full day of work along with day dreaming about the next trip.

Adios!! Soon coming up with more trails……….


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